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Equality, Justice and Community

We see it in the classroom, where teachers value the unique gifts that each student offers. We hear it in meet for learning, when we listen deeply to those who feel moved to speak into the silence.

Narayan College of Science & Arts, prides itself on a happy workforce of about 80 faculty members and a large support staff of lab assistants, attendants, etc. The school employ competent faculty members qualified to accomplish the mission and goals of the institution.

When determining acceptable qualifications of its faculty, the school gives primary consideration to the educational qualifications and also attaches great importance to competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including, related work experiences in the field, professional degrees and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.









  • Pedagogy and Teaching Practices
  • Use of Technology: Smart Classrooms
  • Programs at Senior Secondary Level

The pedagogical approach is learner-centered. An array of teaching strategies is employed that foster curiosity and actively engage children throughout the learning process. The interactive teaching methods not only aid in understanding concepts better but also provide rich learning experiences to the child and allow each child to explore his talent and develop his potential. In designing the age-appropriate activities as a part of Teaching-learning process, a careful balance is achieved between individual and group sessions, thus enabling the child to develop self-dependence and the skills collaborations and communication.

With a class size of not more than 30-35 students, greater participation and interaction of students is facilitated, allowing students and teachers to work together. The relevance of the students' academic and social growth is thus enhanced, enabling them to make confident strides to maximize their achievement.

NCSA believes in complete development of the children. Keeping this is mind, the school has catered for an array of sports and games, besides other facilities. Thus, the school has partnered with excelling sports academics to provide technically planned lessons and modules to develop and enhance a concrete skill set among the children.

We emphasize on creativity, letting children explore, developing thinking and analytical skills and most importantly expressing and understanding their inner self. We not only prepare students for the academic success but also enable them to face the challenges of living. As a whole, school is fully equipped to take on the responsibilities of inclusive education both in the terms of infrastructure as well as staff competence, and the school achieves all this by maintaining a very healthy student- teacher ratio of 1:30.

Technology and education have been used together with a right reason and vision. Technology has been woven into the curriculum in the form of Smart Classes on a total solution basis. Students are introduced to the digital technology right from the beginning of their career. The modules are designed to suit the needs of the students and the content is mapped to the curriculum. The teachers, who are well versed with the system, ensure that the technology is integrated well into the lessons to help in teaching concepts thoroughly. It is also employed for recapitulation, oral tests and remedial teaching.

The school management has a wide vision towards multiple options for senior students. The school affiliated with the CBSE for a total of 20 subjects in the academic and vocational stream at the senior secondary level. Their is emphasis on the education of the students beyond the confines of the classroom and move the concept of a child-centered educational approach to a much more radical program of education. A number of activities are organized inside and outside the school like literacy events, cultural programmes, Mock Parliament, Symposiums, field trips, etc. so that the students get exposure to the different practical situations and know how to handle them. All these activities are carefully crafted to include values and skills essential to students' development in a holistic manner. Thus they emerge as more confident and mature human beings, conscious of their responsibilities towards themselves and society.
The school has also established a guided career counselling programme for the high school and intermediate students. They are given guidance on study-abroad education and on preparation for admission in leading colleges and professional institutions in the country.

Learning New Skills

Our students are continously learing new skills 

“When big questions confront students, we encourage them to reflect thoughtfully on their answers. We teach them the skills that enable them to do the hard work of not simply reacting to the future but shaping it so that it advances democratic values.”

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Our admission process follows a fair and transparent process based on merit and student calibre. Applications for new admissions are open.

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Our curriculum is strictly based on the guidelines laid down by CBSE. We teach various subjects for overall development of our students.